Wide range of textiles coated with various rubber compounds

Cervellati has a wide experience in rubber coated textiles.

Mostly employed for reinforced diaphragms, flat or shaped in mould, a significant range of rubberised fabrics in also available in rolls.

Below, you can find the technical sheets of some of the most popular rubber coated fabrics that we sell.

However, the range of combinations (types of rubber and types of fabric) is extremely wide: we develop tailored rubberised textiles for special requests.


NBR + Polyammide 0.5 mm black

NBR + Polyammide 0.76 mm black

NBR + Polyammide 1.0 mm black

NBR + Polyammide 1.5 mm black

NBR + Nylon 0.5mm black

NBR-PVC + Polyammide 0.4 mm red