Articoli in Poliuretano

Polyurethane is a complex polymer with technical characteristics which guarantee a significant resistance, flexibility and resistance to wear-and-tear.

Over the years, Cervellati has developed extensive experience in using different types of polyester and polyether based Polyurethane MDI, as well as Vulkollan Bayer. Available hardness goes from 60 to 95 Sh°A.

Cervellati offers a series of standard products such as hollow and solid bars, sheets, blades, etc…, and strong specialisation in industrial wheel coverings also in large sizes. We also produce technical items to customer specifications:

  • guide sleeves and channels for bar feeders
  • polyurethane bushings for the axle shaft of trucks and buses
  • bushings, tampons, shock absorbers, rings in polyurethane
  • polyurethane rollers and v-rollers
  • anti-vibration parts
  • compact springs for moulds or hollow spings “Jumpy” in 82, 92 and 95 Sh°A
  • spare parts for agriculture machineries, tractors, bulldozers and plows
  • polyurethane rollers for track belts for harvesters
  • heavy load wheels for AGV, special machine and overhead cranes
  • grips for robots or automatic machines
  • polyurethane lists for clay-target launching machines
  • polyurethane blades for ceramic plants

In addition to these products, Cervellati produces various dimensions of rectangular and square polyurethane sheets and blades. They can have thickness 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm. Moreover, Cervellati can supply these sheets already cut into smaller parts or in the shape requested by the customer. 
Click here to see all the available sizes of polyurethane sheets. 


Technical Characteristics

  • Polyurethane, and especially the MDI-Polyester system, offers high mechanical performance
  • Polyurethane is extremely resistant to corrosive chemical agents, hydrolysis, impact and contact with abrasive moving parts
  • Resistance to high temperatures up to 80-90°C
  • High breaking loads
  • Guarantees minimal heat accumulation due to internal friction

Technical specifications (tables) valid from January 2014

For special applications, which require a superior level of mechanical properties, Cervellati recommends considering Vulkollan® Bayer, an elastomer polyurethane suitable for conditions of very heavy use.