Polyurethane Wheels and Rollers

Cervellati’s activity concerning casting compact polyurethanes is increasingly specialising in the production of medium/large sized industrial wheels and coated rollers for heavy use, according to client specifications.

For metal hub coverings, Cervellati uses different types of polyurethane according to the intended use of the wheel and castors, in different hardnesses 70 – 80 – 92 and 93 Sh°A.

The most common applications of our heavy-duty polyurethane wheels are:

  • Fork lift trucks;
  • Wire-guided conveyor systems and wheels for AGV systems;
  • Coated rollers for wood or glass working systems;
  • Industrial systems in the mineral and extraction sector;
  • Wheels for professional scrubbers – dryers and spare parts of wheels for floor sweepers (ride-on or walk-behind);
  • Big cargo polyurethane wheels;
  • Automated warehouse systems;
  • Heavy-duty wheels for refuse compactors;
  • Cement-mixers for the transport and production of cement/concrete;
  • Wheels for tracks;
  • Applications in water and sea-water;
  • Polyurethane wheels and casters for bottling machines.

Our systems allow us to produce polyurethane coverings for heavy load wheels with diameters from 50 mm to 1000 mm and loads up to 12,000 Kg. We produce wheels for AGV systems: new supplies but also renovation of old wheels. 

Cervellati also produces polyurethane wheels for special applications such as industrial floor-washers (used especially in large buildings such as airports, warehouses, hotels, etc..) or in vertical transport systems like lifts and hoists, and horizontal like bridge cranes. We can produce non-marking wheels and antistatic polyurethane wheels. The excellent ease of use will let youm easily move heavy items.

On top of wheels for demanding applications, we produce small polyurethane casters and rollers.

Cervellati renovates wheels whose coating has been damaged by the use: we remove the worn polyurethane by turning lathe and we cast a new PU covering on the metal rim ( cast iron, iron, aluminum and steel center, supplied by the customer or by us).

Have also a look to our production of Vulkollan ® wheels.