Microcell recoil pads for rifles and shotguns

The design and the innovative material of Microcell recoil pads lead to incredibly light and soft recoil pads / butt pads.

Its absorption rate of the recoil is outstanding even after thousands of shots.

Dimensions and weight stated below refer to the recoil pad before grinding, but all our Microcell recoil pads can be adapted to fit various stocks.

logopdfDownload here the templates of our butt pads to see all dimensions and distance between screw holes. 

logopdfDownload here our full catalog of recoil pads and other accessories for hunting and shooting.

01 finitura standard EN

Click here to view all the models of Microcell recoil pads with standard texture or leather effect (similar to Perazzi’s)

02 finta pelle EN03 microcell TRAP EN

The slightly curved shape of this trap Microcell butt pad perfectly fits the hunter’s shoulder, so that it will be quicker and easier to fit the right position. It guarantees great stability during the shot. Microcell recoil pad

The flat recoil pad with thickness 11 mm is the thinnest pad on the market, but it still has a good absorption rate due to the innovative material. Thanks to a patented solution, the screws can be fixed deep inside the pad so the shooter won’t feel them on the shoulder even with a very thin pad.

Microcell recoil padMicrocell recoil pad

The sloping-head recoil pad, which can be ground to fit any stock of medium or small dimensions, has a very smooth surface and its inclined head makes it easier to take the rifle up.

To complete the wide range of Microcell butt pads, below you can find 2 models that are ready-to-fit on some popular guns with no additional grinding required. They have been designed as fast and easy spare-parts for rifles Remington 700Browning B725Beretta hunting and others. Their design is modern and they are extremely light and soft.

Compare their template to your stock to check if they match it!

Microcell recoil pad

logopdfDownload here our full catalog of recoil pads and other accessories for hunting and shooting.

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