March… time for exhibitions!

In March 2018 Cervellati exhibited in two important shows in Germany: IWA exhibition about hunting in Nurnberg, and LOGIMAT exhibition about logistics in Stuttgard. A very positive experience and a good way to meet foreign customers and to find new ones!

At IWA exhibition, every year Cervellati shows its recoil pads for hunting and sport rifles, with a wide range of models to meet all requirements: from traditional rubber recoil pads to the modern ultra-light Microcell.

At LOGIMAT, Cervellati displayed some examples of its production of industrial wheels in polyurethane and in Vulkollan®, wheels for AGV and for professional scrubbers and sweepers, in addition to other technical products such as snow plough blades, rollers, semi-finished parts in polyurethane and much more. 

Below some memories of our participation to the exhibitions.