To complete the range of new rubber pads, with modern design and innovative structure, we would like to introduce the flat recoil pads with smooth texture: their wide cavities in the back significantly reduce the weight and improve the recoil absorption.

Available in three colours (black, brown and red) and in two thickness: H 23 mm and H 11 mm, the thinnest recoil pad available on the market!
The patented design of these recoil pads let the fixing screws enter the pad very deeply so that the shooter won’t feel the screws on the shoulder while shooting.

COD. 217338 = 47.7 x 145.5 x H 11 mm, holes distance 80-85 mm, weight 84 gr

COD. 217339 = 47.7 x 145.5 x H 23 mm, holes distance 80-85 mm, weight 125 gr

Check the template of our flat recoil pads and compare it to your stock!