Cervellati  s.r.l. disposes of  a wide  selection of  FKM  / Viton compounds, which can be used by compression and by injection moulding, for the production of extremely different components.

According  to  the client’s drawing, we can manufacture articles from  0.50 grams to several kilos, in a range of colours (black, green, white, brown, red) and with hardness between 50 and 90 Sh°A. Cervellati  has Copolymers and Terpolymers that meet the specifications of Fiat, ASTM, DBL, etc..   
We have polymers with  high resistance to unleaded petrol  and  to low  temperatures (up to -40°C).
Among the main applications of FKM:

  • Seals for compressors;
  • Bellows in FKM ;
  • Gaskets for engine cylinder heads;
  • Diaphragms for diesels and petrol;
  • Washers, rings cut from moulded tubes;
  • Diaphragms in FKM-coated fabric for safety valves;
  • Seals, test gauges, subframes;
  • Lip seals;
  • O-rings in FKM;
  • Seals and articles for dry cleaning machines;
  • Sealing pads, also with FKM vulcanized on metal;
  • Stoppers for chemical products and harsh substance;
  • Valve casings;
  • Valve seals in FKM.  


FKM / Viton compounds are the best solutions for several industrial applications, because of its technical features:

  • outstanding tolerance to high temperatures;
  • resistance to aggressive substances (oils, solvents, reagents, petrol, etc..);
  • extraordinary endurance to strains.  


Cervellati, in particular, employs special compounds for the following applications

  • the automotive sector (cylinder heads of engines working with unleaded petrol or diesel fuel, laminated  suction units, pipe manifolds);
  • chemical transformation systems;
  • domestic and industrial gas supply systems;
  • the aerospace sector