Cervellati company was founded in 1937 when, alongside the existing retail activity selling car products, a small-scale production of rubber recoil pads and shock absorbers for rifles was set up.

Between the ’50s and the ’70s, the company abandoned its retail activity and started specialising in the production of technical items in rubber, and grew significantly. In collaboration with a sales company, Cervellati srl successfully launched the first rubber “bouncing ball” onto the market, the coloured rubber ball which bounced.

rubber molding

In the 1980’s, Cervellati obtained the license to employ Vulkollan® polyurethane and started production of rubber compounds to make parts for itself and for third parties.

In the 1990’s, a plant was built for the production of polyurethane and Vulkollan®, and another for the production of compounds, with greater specialisation in fluorinated rubber. The company also obtained the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000. It reached high levels of growth and established 20% of foreign clients both within Europe and overseas.

In the last few years the company has invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment, to boost and improve the quality of the product range. Over time, Cervellati has consolidated its experience in producing polyurethane also expanded polyurethanes, especially for the arms industry. Some own products have been patented and equipment has been acquired to carry out certain complementary processes within the company, also for third parties: among which, die-cutting of rubber-coated fabrics and rubber sheets, sand-blasting of metal parts, rubber and metal turning by lathe, manual finishing or automatic cryogenic finishing and spray adhesiving.

reinforced diaphragms

The main production lines today are:

  • Injection and compression rubber moulding: FKM, Silicon, NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, NR and reinforced
    diaphragms in rubber or rubber-coated fabric;
  • Production of cast Polyurethane in hardnesses from 50 to 93 Sh°A
  • Production of expanded Polyurethane
  • Production of Vulkollan® Bayer 65-80-92 Sh°A
  • Die-cutting of flat diaphragms in rubber-coated fabric.

Cervellati srl consists of 2 production facilities and a wide range of machinery in order to meet the most diverse needs.

In the original home of the company in Via Remigia, which today has been expanded and refurbished, there is the rubber moulding department with 36 compression presses and 10 injection presses. In a specially dedicated area, there are machines for producing accessories such as 2 automatic die-cutters, three cryogenic finishing manchines, an extruder for section bars and spray painting and manual brush painting booths for adhesives. Finally, there is a modern laboratory for checking the compounds purchased and the items produced.

rubber molding

The second plant is adapted to production of both compact and expanded Vulkollan and Polyurethane, and houses many Italian and German casting machines, 3 carousels, many heated casting tables, two casting furnaces and four for post-vulcanization, a centrifuge and seven reactors for the preparation of the pre-polymers. 

polyurethane casting

In 2018 Cervellati expanded its activity in a third facily nearby, where the following complementary processes were moved and re-organised more efficiently: turning and milling, sand-blasting and insert bonding, and wheel testing. There are also metal-washing machines and mould cleaners. An extra facility was required in order to make room for new plants to increase the production capacity and efficiency in the two historical buildings. 

exsto fabbrica

In December 2019, the company Cervellati Srl joined the French group EXSTO, well-established all over the world for plastics processing and for the manufacture of industrial parts in polyurethane. The group already counts different branches in France, USA and in Brasil, in addition to two further subsidiaries companies in Italy, one in Modena and one in Villanova Mondovì.

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