Polyurethane rollers

Cervellati specialises in coating v-rollers ( biconical shape) for roller tables with polyurethane, adapted for transporting steel and aluminum tubes and bars. We can produce in different materials, colours, and hardness. We can coat metal rims, too.

V-rollers are employed in tubing and piping industry.

The materials employed guarantee good resistance to wear and tear, cutting and squashing.

To increase the load tolerance, the polyurethane v-rollers can be vulcanised on metal cores, in steel, stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron. Old and worn metal cores can be cleaned and re-used casting new polyurethane covering onto them.

V-rollers ( or bow rollers) – as well as polyurethane wheels – can have smooth sides finished by mould or worked by lather. 


A V roller is one of the most versatile and simple ways to control the flow of a load, and they are found in a variety of industries and settings. Designed to function in harsh, rugged environments and provide years of trusty service, these components have to be able to handle heavy loads while remaining stable. Polyurethane is the best material to satisfy these demanding requirements. Not only can polyurethane withstand the weight and pressure placed on the wheels, it can also hold up under constant heat and moisture.